Super Junior 2017 comeback without Kangin?

Letter by @drealb

Horray! Our King, our Super Junior oppa-deul will have their comeback this year!
I should feel happy for this, I Am. But, I can’t help to feel nervous waiting for SM confirmation about whose members will making comeback this year. Since we know that Kangin is currently under reflecting time for his fault.
We know he did something that he should never did. He did the same mistake twice. And yes, we are dissapointed to him. As well as his members. Especially his hyung, our leader, who feels so betrayed by his action.
But it’s been more than a year. And we miss him now. I hope K-Elf will forgive him now and embrace him again like we used to. Let’s not forget our prom15e to keep 13elieve on them.

The update we got about Kangin is just that he is busying himself by playing baseball. I feel happy seeing him smile like that. But he will shine more on stage.

Src : Kangin_Is_Mine IG

Still hoping that Kangin will join them coming back this year-end. We miss you, I miss you. I will always cheer you wherever you are.

Urineun Super Juni-o-eyo! Urineun Elpeu-eyo!