My Favorite lines on the latest drama

Unrequited love.. 
How timid and delicate unrequited love is..
Even though unrequited love finds its own way in..
It’s a love that gets trapped inside, unable to find an exit..
Even though I’m the one who started it..
Without knowing a thing, if he leaves my sight one day..
It’s a love that ends vain without it ever having a purpose..
Never ever even had the chance to bud or bloom any flowers..
A love that can never bear fruit, like a seed left forgotten..
That is… unrequited love.
(Flower Boys Next Door)

Flower Boys Next Door








There’s no flower that would bloom without being shaken..
All the pretty flower in this world all bloom while being shaken..
While being shaken, it straightened its stem..
There is no love that would leave without being shaken..
Where is there a flower that would bloom without being whipped ?
All the shining flowers in this world all bloom while being whipped..
While being whipped by the wind and rain, the flower petals bloom warmly..
There is no life that goes by without being whipped..
(School 2013)

School 2013